Of Mice And Men Wreath Red And Gold T-Shirt

Of Mice And Men Wreath Red And Gold T-Shirt


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MetalTalk.net was founded by Steve Göldby in 2008 after he was cast out of Hell and barred for life for being a very naughty boy. Over a thousand pubs, eight years, three stone and countless brain cells later MetalTalk.net is now the UK's biggest independent website for rock and metal news, reviews, interviews and booze. Plenty of booze. How else could so few of us possibly get so much done?

We broke the Black Sabbath reformation story in 2011 and we broke the Queensrÿche: Operation Knifecrime story in 2012 as well as many other exclusives, including the very recent AC/DC insider info story. We lead, all the others are pale imitations and mere graven images.

We have journalists and correspondents in almost every continent across the world, apart from the ones where there is no rock and metal, like Antarctica for example. MetalTalk.net is constantly being updated with the very latest in rock and metal.and Steve Göldby once threw a television set out of a chalet at Hard Rock Hell in Llanelli. It's only rock n' roll but we like it.

Additional Information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 2 cm
Men's Sizes Inches Centimetres
Small 18"-19" 46-49cm
Medium 19"-20" 49-51cm
Large 20"-21" 51-54cm
Extra Large 22"-23" 56-59cm
XX Large 23"-24" 59-61cm
Women's Skinny Fit UK US Inches Centimetres
Small 8 3 16" 41cm
Medium 10/12 5/7 17" 44cm
Large 14 9 18" 46cm
Extra Large 16 11 19" 49cm